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YOUR GYM in SRIRACHA, the best FITNESS CENTER and Yoga Sports Clubs in Sriracha, Chon Buri.

Our SRIRACHA GYM is one of the most a fully equipped Fitness Centres in Sriracha with: Personal Training; Cardio; Boxing; Free Weights, Cable Machines and Yoga a Sports Club. Providing a progressive thinking environment for maximizing fitness levels with Max Efficiency  in minimum time.




At our Fitness Center in Sriracha, our Passion is Health and Fitness, we truly CARE about your Health and Fitness both physical and mental. In our Friendly gym, please make it a place you are relaxed and focused on your fitness strategies, please ask for support and guidance, we will gladly give some up to date theories and pointers for Physical, Mental Development and Nutrition or alternatively join a personal coaching session. JUMP IN NOW !

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At our Sriracha Gym, we truly CARE about your Wallet and offer what we believe to be great value, even then Francis will personally tailor a payment plan to suit your times and budgets, we want you to be happy and energized always. JUMP IN NOW !

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We believe time is one of your most valuable assets our Sriracha Fitness Centre is easy to find, with ample free parking, Floor units are compact and set out to ensure you can maximize your fitness program and target maximum potential. See our gym layout and review our contact page to get location, phone and email details or call in for a quick personal tour.

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