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  1. Thanks a lot for this tuto. Very helpful create several galleries on my
    photography-website. Alain

  2. Hi,
    I would like a gallery or album allowing the members of my website/forum to
    comment each photo of the gallery: something like instagram, but just for
    that function as I don’t want instagram in my website, so I don’t need the
    instagram plugin for wordpress. I just need a gallery that let people to
    comment on each photo: Do you know how can I achieve this?
    thanks for your time

  3. i want to create photo-gallery where user can upload the photo and other
    user can rate them…how can i do it?

  4. Muito Obrigado!!!!!! Simplesmente perfeito. Luz Lumen (portfolio) Agradece.
    Many Thanks !!!!!! Just perfect. Luz Lumen (portfolio) thanked.

  5. Hello, is it possible to get a plugin, with a free account.
    Because I dont have the plugin button, on my site.
    And I am the administrator

  6. Excellent tutorial, clear and concise. Thank you very much. Would never
    have figured it out on my own!

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