Sriracha Fitness Center and Yoga Club Services

    About Hammer Gym and Fitness Center and Yoga Club.

    Our gym /fitness center in Sriracha, is, we believe simply the best boutique gym and fitness center for obtaining very healthy every day lifestyle. With competitive rates and NO joining fees. Many people come here for a variety of reasons such as weight loss, fitness, body shaping and muscle hypertrophy. WE CAN HELP AND GUIDE YOU. See our location map, please phone, send an email or just drop in ! Contact us .

    Everyone should have access to lots of nice new equipment and feel comfortable asking for help. With all of these great benefits under one roof, we like to say….. ” CAN WE HELP YOU” in any other areas ?

    We care and want you to come to Hammer Gym relax and enjoy your best Sriracha fitness center workouts or dig deep into a fee weights session.

    Our Sriracha Fitness Center Plan

    Our services are wide and varied, we offer new fitness equipment (see our Photo Gallery) with a friendly atmosphere and personal guidance for general gym free weight training, machine based exercises, cardio fitness training tread mills, cycles and ski machines, sparring and boxing training, personal training and we can provide nutritional advice to help you maybe loose some of those unwanted BODY FAT kgs.

    Just visit us our fitness Center at Sriracha anytime and you will see our relaxed, but professional atmosphere.

    Can’t do it alone? No worries! Tell us what results you want and we will design a program and will work with you to achieve them. We have experienced professionals in fitness who will help you out and motivate you step by step…. all the way to achieve your fitness goals! And on top of it all, you will acquire a lifestyle of skills to sustain your levels of fitness and wellness. you don’t have to be a pro body builder or a gym junkie… just be yourself, have a idea and we will plan and help you get there in the most efficient way to ensure long term results and benefits.

    Visit us now….at Hammer Gym, Srirach Gym the best Body and Mind Development Fitness Centre and Yoga Sports Club in Sriracha, Chon Buri.

    At our Gym, Fitness Center and Yoga Club in Sriracha, we help you develop your lifestyle and mental attitude in a Sports Club Atmosphere, into a long term goal for your maximum health and fitness. Our Sriracha Sports Club fitness center facilities cover the following

    Weight Lifting – free Weights

    Body Building – Hypertrophy

    Yoga helping Body Fat reduction

    Nutrition Plans

    Yoga for Body Shaping



    Gymshark curls

    This month our fitness center in Sriracha, Sports Club team will promote help with pectoral muscle (pecs), develop further muscle size and maximize growth or maybe for the ladies – shape your boobs to a sexier firmer appearance .

    To start the ball rolling  check Del Monte Gym Camp Workout in this video and start your muscle hypertrophy to get your BODY ripped and shaped.

    Vince Del Monte holds an honors degree in Kenesiology from the University of Western Ontario and is the 2008 Canadian Fitness Model Champion. As a skinny guy growing up Vince always wanted to add muscle to his frame. Vince now teaches others how to gain lean muscle mass, eat and train to gain the physique that they want. He has created many exercise and nutrition programs, including No-Nonsense Muscle Building and No-Nonsense 6 Pack. You can read more about Vince on his blog at

    No unfortunately, Vince is not doing personal coaching at our Sriracha Sports Club and Fitness Center.


    Great Chest Routines by Vince Del Monte, Burlington, Canada

    Our Sports Club Target Month CHEST!!!! PECTS !!!!

    RSS Diet and Weight Loss updates



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