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In this video Elliott talks about how to lose belly fat forever with a simple plan for permanent fat loss


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  1. You seem so confident in this yo Elliot!
    I almost wanna challenge you. I got a gut from Hell! Shit won’t go down for
    ANYthing. Well, anything healthy… I’m gonna do this for 6 weeks…. & we
    will see. I’ll be back -__- (in my villain voice) 

  2. I have lost 128 pounds in 11 months (I had a month to two months of no
    weight loss due to holidays) and I did it by eating whatever I wanted (but
    being realistic and not eating crap) however I stuck to 1500 calories. I
    ate whatever, KFC, McDonalds but I made sure I didn’t eat more than 1500
    calories. I didn’t even do exercise but now I have a drive to do more as I
    find it easier, I’m not in pain and I’m faster. It’s just 1 rule and it’s
    easy: Eat no more than 1500 calories.


    hey ive seen your videos and the two most helpful were this one, and one
    called “Out of shape? Just do this” I believe. Well ive gotten the advice
    but I have a few questions
    1, if I only get 5 hours of sleep a day, will I never lose weight or does
    it just make me wanna eat more
    2, do you have any tips for jogging because my shins always hurt when I jog
    3, do you have any tips on school kids trying to lose weight? Like could I
    lose weight if I just ate fruits or just ate vegetables?
    4, what do you think of Mike Chang’s Afterburn effect? Do you use that
    concept to workout too?

    Anything will help and be appreciated, Thanks!

  4. I’m 16 with the exact same problems Eliot described the other kid as. What
    if I follow all these steps but for my meat (protein) I use a protein
    powder (whey,epiq, ect) And mix it with water ? Will that be a better

  5. Getting Rid of Stubborn Bodyfat- by Lyle McDonald

    Without going into the brutally long and complicated mental computations
    that led me to this (and I’m still working on the overall scheme), here’s
    my current thoughts on how to approach it.

    First and foremost, this is one of the places where morning/pre-breakfast
    cardio is probably crucially important.

    An hour or two before cardio, take 200 mg caffeine with 1-3 grams of
    L-tyrosine (NO ephedrine).

    There are two segments to the cardio:

    – The first segment is for mobilization, to get those stubborn fatty acids
    out of the fat cell.
    – The second segment is the oxidation part, to burn them off in the muscle.

    For the first segment of the cardio, use a machine that you don’t normally
    use. So if you normally do the treadmill, do the first segment on the
    stairmaster or bike or something. Just make it different.

    First segment:
    warmup: 3-5 minutes
    go hard: 5-10 minutes. I mean hard, as hard as you can stand for the entire
    time. This will NOT be fun on lowered blood glucose. I’ve considered
    putting intervals here but haven’t found the data I need to make up my
    mind. If you do intervals, go something like 5X1′ all out with a 1′ break
    (10′ total intervals)

    Rest 5′, just sit on your butt, drink water, try not to puke.

    Go to your normal cardio machine. Do at least 30 minutes at moderate/high
    moderate intensity (below lactate threshold but decent intensity). I’d say
    45′ maximum here but I’m still making up my mind and looking at data.

    Go home, and wait and hour before having a small protein meal (25-50 grams
    or so). No dietary fat. 2-3 hours later, go back to normal diet eating.
    Your daily calories shouldn’t be any different than they were already, they
    are just distributed differently, you only have 100-200 immediately after
    cardio, and then the rest afterwards.

    I’d do that maybe 3 days per week to start, and see what happens.

    Why this works

    To get stubborn fat mobilized, you have to overcome a fairly severe
    resistance in terms of both blood flow and lipolysis, this requires very
    high concentrations of catecholamines (adrenaline/noradrenaline). Sadly,
    jacking up levels of catecholamines (necessary for mobilization) limits
    burning in the muscle which is why you follow the high intensity with low

    Basically, you jack up levels to get the fat mobilized, and then let them
    fall so that the fatty acid can be burned in the muscle.

    I have a study showing that Ephedrine before intense activity lowers the
    catecholamine response, that’s the reason for avoiding it. Studies also
    show a lower than normal catecholamine response as people adapt to a given
    type of cardio; doing a different machine will result in a higher
    catecholamine response than you’d other wise get.

    The bigger problem with stubborn fat has to do with:

    – Blood flow to the fat cells: which is typically very low, odds are your
    butt is cold to the touch compared to other areas of your body
    – It’s harder to mobilize: both because of impaired blood flow, and because
    of adrenoceptor issues.

    Oral yohimbe (0.2 mg/kg) can be effective when used over the long term.
    Don’t take it within 3-4 hours of taking ephedrine, and start with a
    half-dose to assess tolerance (some people get really freaky responses from
    it). IF you can find pharmaceutical yohimbine, it’s far far better than the
    herbal version (and most of the herbal versions are crap, the only one I
    trust is Twinlab Yohimbe Fuel).

    Taking the yohimbe with caffeine prior to morning cardio does seem to help
    with very stubborn fat.

  6. Wait what abou green tea with no sugar or anything thier is water in it and
    it makes your matoblism faster 

  7. I’ve been following you sir (Elliot) +Strength Camp for quite a long time
    now and stumbled upon this video I watched 6 months ago. I weighed 210 lbs
    that time and right now I’m proud to say that I weight 155 lbs(came from a
    2 months “bulking” period). I followed some of your nutrition and training
    advice and it worked pretty well and I would like to thank you for that
    bro. I watched this video again and remembered that to keep my sugar to
    zero. Isn’t it bad sir if I keep it still to zero in my current condition?
    Thank you! God speed. 

  8. I did the same exact thing elliot said wgen I first started training and it
    does fu**ing work believe me.

  9. the way i lost fat was eating nothing but fruit and veggies and beans and
    rice and only water. i did that for 1 month and a half and i lost 40
    pounds. from 205 5,7 went to 165 i didnt eat meat at all. And ate alot
    less. felt so good my belly was tight and i felt healthier.

  10. Would steaming vegetables, interfere with any of the nutrition factors of
    just eating protein and vegetables?

  11. Thanks Elliot for the inspiration. Last summer I was overweight.. I was at
    90 kilo’s. Through the summer I was jogging and walking and I managed to
    complete a half marathon! And yeah.. I lost 15 kilograms, that is about 30
    pounds I believe. This summer I am going for the real deal.

  12. Yo Elliot what about green tea with no sugar? green tea has been proven to
    help weight loss

  13. What type of lean protein would you eat for breakfast? Would you be able to
    eat eggs?

  14. Agree with black coffee…1 cup a day and green tea (loose leaf) as well.
    Also fruit i.e pomegranate have tremendous benefits that will positively
    impact your overall HEALTH. Being lean isn’t neccessarily being HEALTHY.
    LIMIT sugar (still eat fruit) and ELIMINATE proceessed foods & fast
    food…. no MC D’s etc no processed cheese on homemade burgers etc NO
    PROCESSED foods…swap potato chips with air popped or coconut oil popped

  15. Worst advice ever. Stop eating starchy foods and fruits fuckkk…..what do
    the slimmest people on the planet eat ? STARCH, lots of it. People are

  16. NOOO carrots no carrots they are so high on the Glycemic index its not even
    funny. They are worse for you than a snickers bar. Eat veggies, but no

  17. I got a problem when I walk ( I dont know if its normal).
    When I started walking for minutes my feet start to hurt, but after a
    period of time of resting, I can walk for hours.
    Is it normal? (sorry for my bad english)

  18. I’m just curious as why you don’t recommend salad vegetables i.e, better
    lettuces (Iceberg is pretty nutritionally void), Kress, Kale, cabbages etc.

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