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We recently purchased Ben Pakulski MI40 Xtreme (MI40X) body building program for use and review.  



Ben Pakulski Flex

Ben Pakulski (IFBB Pro Bodybuilder) has outdone himself this time. MI40X is different to other programs because of its unique Cell Expansion Protocol Training (CEP) and Interset Stretching (more advanced than it sounds). These new techniques were invented by Ben and helped him to get to where he is today – on the cover of Flex magazine and more.

As mentioned above, it is proven that MI40X can give you size and strength gains 200% higher than from your average training program. The University of Tampa did a study on 20 resistance trained males comparing their regular training with MI40X training and the results were astounding.

MI40X Muscle MI40X Strength

Biceps Demonstration

Muscle gain was far higher when using MI40X (10-11lb after 40 days), the people using MI40X even lost fat too (3lb) and strength gains were practically extreme for the guys using MI40X – 120lb on the leg press and 25lb on the bench. Take a look at the results for yourself, and even read the study for yourself if you like. What Does CEP and Interset Stretching Involve? In overly simple terms, it involves immediately stretching the target muscle between sets while contracting the opposing muscles hard to help pump the muscle full of blood and Myosatellite Cells (muscle repair cells). There is more technique to it, which is learned easiest by watching Ben explain on video. He does a demonstration from the video on his website .

Will Lifting Weights Make Me Slower? Weight Lifting for Boxing
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A valid question I get from people who are boxing or even into running ask if lifting weights will slow you down. If you put on more mass, that is more weight that you have to move around. But unless you are bulking up, only focusing on lifting heavy and eating lots of food, then you will not slow down.

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However, if you stop working on your speed with plyometric exercises and sprints, then you will naturally lose your speed. You must keep up with your routine, explosive exercises. You must decide what your goals and priorities are, and focus on them!

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  1. Will lifting weights make you slower for #boxing, fighting or #MMA? A great
    question I hear a lot. My answer:

  2. How can I do when I kick someone
    and he will grap my legs
    please answer this…!

  3. Kettlebells are my best friend when I train for power and functional
    movements. Thanks for the awesome video Shane. It’s helped with my Muay
    Thai training. :)

  4. Shane great vid! Something I’m struggling with atm is staying in a
    lightweight division, I’m right at the top of that division, and am worried
    that if i start lifting i will put on too much weight and move up a
    division. But at the same time i want that power that weight lifting can
    bring.. Any advise would be much appreciated! Thanks. 

  5. when you are big you get tired very fast. You require more oxygen than
    average humans since you have all that muscle. I know because I went to a
    max of 178 lbs and I didn’t feel fast and efficient as I did when I was
    around 150lbs. Endurance is important.

  6. Heavy lifting will not make you slower like you mention it. Heavy
    deadlifting, squats and beschpress will increase you strenght and not going
    to give you bigger muscle. Train with high intensity and lower
    volumen.Thats means something like 6 sets and 3 reps. Thats going to give
    you strenght and explosivness.

  7. Does size matter in a fight? The ufc makes it seem like the bigger guy
    always wins. I feel like they overlook the small guys. I feel like a small
    guy can beat a big guy depending on the skills.

  8. I mean I started lifting weights my dad use to be a pro body builder and is
    helping bulk up for wrestling season and I have to say I have kept doing
    some plyo workouts on the side and stretching ALOT and I’m just as fast as
    I use to be when I was 106lbs now I’m 145 

  9. Doing power/explosive exercises will actually make you faster. That’s what
    so brilliant about lifting weights and physical exercise in general,
    there’s plenty of different avenues you can take depending on what your
    goal is.

  10. Shane, this really isn’t a fighting question, but I wrestle for my high
    school and people always say that wrestling is gay because your rubbing up
    against half naked guys. what can i say back to them? or should i just
    double leg em’ lol

  11. As difficult it is for me to accept,but this video is a very misleading
    one,unlike any other of your videos,this is a huge pile of
    horsecrap(seriously,shane,no offense to you man,you are the type of guy I
    want to be,but you got your facts twisted this time,and that stirs me right

    Let me make one thing clear Shane,if you are lifting extremely heavy
    weights,like heavy powerlifting type or olympic lifting type compound
    movements,you are going to be faster,bigger,stronger,more functional and
    hear this,MORE EXPLOSIVE,this is the way strength training is being
    approached in mma these days,a mixture of heavy compound lifting paired
    with strongman training and bodyweight training.Extremely heavy lifts
    increase the amount of functional muscle fibres,making you more explosive
    by all means.This is exactly how you should lift for sports where explosive
    and maximal strength is needed,want proof,look at how a nfl player does his
    training,heavy squats,deadlifts,bench presses,overhead presses are bread
    and butter of his strength program,only and only because total body
    strength always equals to more functional power,speed and
    explosiveness,ALWAYS.Ever see a running back getting slow in the
    field,no,cuz they are functionally strong.

    Bodybuilding isolation type movements on the other hand,that you reffered
    as safe is a death sentence to a fghter,even if you are going extrmely
    light like 40lbs dumbbell for curling,the high rep work builds up
    sarcoplasm in the muscles and sarcoplasm is non functional,so you are
    carrying extra uscle weight,and for every lbs of extra non functional
    muscle weight that does not help you will the power development is slowing
    you down by excessive oxygen consumption,and the extra weighjt means your
    body will tire fast.

    About two things however you could not be more right,about spending less
    time lifting heavy and more time for cardio and sport specific training,and
    about your explosive and plyometrics type of training,those are very
    effective advices,but you started with a very wrong analysis with lifting.

    So,I say its a complete opposite advice to what can be helpful.

    Anyone seeing this check these links out
    http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/plmyths.htm ,
    , http://muaythaipros.com/strength-training-for-muay-thai/ ,

  12. Hey, Shane. Completely unrelated to this video question.
    I have a fast metabolism and I was wondering if you can help me gain
    weight. I practice karate twice a week for one hour each day and I sweat a
    whole lot and that means that I’m losing fat quickly, I guess.
    I curretly weigh 61 kilos (google says – 134.48 pounds) and am 180-183cm
    tall (google again – 6 feet). That does not sound ideal, does it? Want to
    gain at least 10-15 more kilos.

  13. i was doing kick boxing before i was lifting when i got to the gym i
    actually got faster and stronger punches and kicks

  14. Do explosive lifting, for example Olympic lifts, eg: snatch, clean and
    jerk, and their Power variations, and in low rep ranges (like they’re
    supposed to be, ie: not Crossfit AMRAP in a time limit bullshit) and you
    will gain speed rather than lose it, and you will gain next to no size at
    all, while drastically being able to improve your strength, but I wouldn’t
    spend too much time into this, because if you dedicate too much time to
    this, you’ll detract from your boxing, so you gotta find a sweet spot.

  15. Is fighting style like floydmayweather better for boxing or like pacquiao
    better for boxing and real life situations too!!!!!!! Could u pls tell

  16. Hey Shane, can you please do a video about functional weight training!?
    maybe some workout exercises you are familiar with. thanks, blessings

  17. Hey Shane, so I don’t know if this is some thing you usually answer and if
    not maybe someone else will, but for my workout I do 3 sets of push ups
    with 30 reps, 3 sets of sit-ups with 40 reps, and 3 sets of jumps with 20
    reps. Is this workout optimal for fighting?

  18. Bruh, heavy deadlifts and shit is godd too, you should combine heavy
    deadlifts with a explosive excersise like boxjumps. the deadlifts should be
    3×3/5×2/6×1 and the box jumps high sets and low reps as well. That way you
    are getting stronger and faster at the same time. Heavy deads doesnt build
    so much muscle and size, it builds strenght

  19. I can say for me lifting did hurt my flexibility but lifting was my main
    priority and did some MMA training occasionally on the side. The loss in
    flexibility to me tho is made up for in some ways by strength in strikes
    and grappling. I was told my several people that I’ve got an insanely
    powerful punch (my kicks not so much from ACL, MCL, and cartilage
    reconstruction in both knees). Also more strength to put into chokes, arm
    bars, ect is a always plus. Another advantage some don’t think of is how it
    can become harder to be put into some chokes. I remember sparring with a
    friend who tried a full nelson (may have been something else it was a few
    years back) and was like “what the fuck I can’t reach around you?!” Lol. I
    did some lifting in ways to not hurt flexibility as much and done
    stretching to help it improve (so it’s not a lot worse). Overall in my
    opinion lifting is a benefit while training. 

  20. I took a month of boxing and was doing chest, biceps, triceps, traps, when
    I went back laced my gloves up and got on the bag I was grossly slower than
    normal, power had lowered and explosiveness suffered to. 

  21. It requires more speed, to lift heavy. Many athlets who depend on speed,
    also depend on heavy lifting, because it engages those fast muscle fibers.
    Its about excess energi. If 2 men weighing the same, but one Press 50% more
    then the other, and if Their skill where the same, you know whos punch to
    stay away from. It Can make a difference. As bruce Lee uset to say, speed
    without strength is useless, and vice versa. 

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