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Top 5 Bodyweight Exercise MISTAKES – (STOP Doing These – Build Muscle!!)
Where bodyweight training equals beast training –

People that say you can’t build muscle with bodyweight exercises are either not using the right exercises or are using the wrong bodyweight workout. In this video, I’ll show you 5 of the biggest mistakes you can make with bodyweight training and exercises and more importantly, how you can fix them.

In order for a bodyweight exercise to be effective at building muscle it has to be able to create an overload on the muscles that are being worked. All too often, people will do insanity or other body weight exercises for high reps and get nothing more than a good burn out of them. That said, in order to put on muscle mass you need to follow the principle of muscle overload. Just like when using equipment and weights, you need to push yourself both to and through failure.

Also, people often think that the only way to put on muscle is by using weights for resistance. That is simply not true. In fact, your muscles do not know whether you are using barbells, dumbbells, cables, bands or just your own bodyweight. All they know is resistance! Bodyweight is resistance, and used properly can be way more than an adequate stimulus for building muscle.

Next, guys forget that the amount of work done in a bodyweight workout is determined by the weight that you are using and the distance that it moves! Realizing that your bodyweight won’t change during a workout, the only thing you can do to make the exercise harder is to make the distance longer. You can do this through things like one and a half reps, as shown in this video.

You can also put on more muscle with bodyweight exercises and workouts by eliminating the momentum from your movements. By simply pausing at the bottom of each rep, you force your muscles to have to generate all the force required to move your own bodyweight without relying on the elastic momentum you would normally get through weighted exercises.

As you can see, it’s definitely possible to build muscle with bodyweight workouts and exercises. In this video, I just showed you how to build muscle with bodyweight exercises that you can now apply to any of the best body weight exercises. For a complete workout program to get you athletic, ripped muscle be sure to head to and get either the ATHLEAN-X workout program or the ATHLEAN Xero bodyweight only program.

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  1. Damn man you only weight 165, thought you weighed more… now that is even
    more inspiration right there, the weight doesn’t matter as long as one
    looks good or better yet ATHLEAN!

  2. I only used my bodyweight for the longest time with myTRX. Now I use
    dumbbells and a Ez-Bar. Obviously I have a Pull-up Bar and Dip Handles.

  3. you won me at physics!
    it’s great that you explain it like this. plus, coming from you it makes
    more of an impact. 

  4. U seem like your about to pass out from talking. did u do intense cardio
    before this video? think u need some carbs and sugar my man lol. Muscle is
    too lean imo.

  5. Dude, I like your video and explanations. It has been excellent for my
    research. However, you clearly do not understand the concept of what levers
    do. Archimedes claimed that if you give me a lever LONG enough he could
    move the world. You have a point, an accurate one, that our muscles are a
    lever-pulley style system. However, your description of levers is actually
    the opposite of how levers actually work. e.g. shorter lever=less
    effectiveness. Cheers. I look forward to your other videos.

  6. Ya!!! I needed to see this. Gripping heavy dumbbells and doing lunges puts
    strain on a pinched sciatica nerve. I have a numb right foot , am 55 , will
    never give up , look like a competing ( natural) bodybuilder BUT…one
    legged squat on a bench? Problem solved concerning weight bearing gripping
    of heavy dumbbells putting pressure on pinched nerve…can keep moving!

  7. It’s the last rule people really have to hard code in to their mind when
    they train. It’s that last rep that makes you stronger and makes you grow,
    it’s up to you which one is going to be the last rep. The one before
    failure, the one on failure or the one after failure. Which one you choose
    will determine which results you get and how fast you get them. The phrase
    that always pops up in my mind when I hit failure and makes me able to
    break through is: It’s this moment that determines who you are going to be
    in the future. Plane and simple but always does the trick.

  8. I use body weight training for my upper chest ,delts and its better than
    iron every was for me, probably safer too , I still use free weights also

  9. hey man, just came across your videos, you explain things very well and
    everything is very clear, keep up the good work!

    Here’s my story:

    I’ve always had a thing for sports. Cycling, cyclocross, snowboarding…
    but lately i’m absolutely not content with myself. Started smoking, smoking
    weed, drinking, partying… I used to work as a stage-technician, lots of
    heavy lifting, so i was kinda big for my age back then (did that work from
    my 15 to 19. I’m 23 now). Thanks to this i messed up my lower back. I don’t
    know how to say this in english, but heres my try. I’ve had a rupture in my
    spinal chord (is it also called hernia in english?) , and it came out
    1.2cm, pushing into a major nerve, which caused pain in my left leg,
    knees,… went to a doctor about 3months ago and i had to be operated on
    asap. So now the pain is gone, i’ve healed up pretty well. The doctor had
    just cut the excess bulging, and didn’t have to attach the two vertebra

    Now i’m looking for a way to build up muscels without blowing up my back. I
    want my old, strong, big body back. I’m sick of being in bad shape, its
    time to do something about it!!! Mind helping me get started?

  10. hold the phone…You said at 2:00 you are 165.? really.? i was gonna
    comment before listening that,that i am almost at your body stats and i
    look a lot like 160 so that means 6-12 more months of training and
    i will look exactly like you 😀 can someone tell me the exact height of
    Mr.Jeff.? and body fat.?(i assume he’s close to 8-9%)

  11. As a woman who does not like “women’s training” with bullshit 1-2-4 kilos
    weights and wants to build mass and strength, you are awesome.

  12. the hands are placed further away for your bodies center of gravity making
    it more difficult to do those pushup. physics bitch

  13. Correction: As stated for another video like this, body weight will never
    ever equal that of weightlifting strength or size despite what this guy may
    truely believe. He goes on to say it is science weight is weight whether
    body weight or lifting weights, not true. As a martial artist of 19 years
    doing both Karate and MMA, and also someone with a bit of bodybuilding
    (with weights) experience I know the difference. Just because you can do 20
    push ups ,which is using your own body weight or can do 15 pulls ups
    doesn’t mean you can go to a gym and lift weights that way the same as you
    20 or 15 x. Most people can’t even lift their own body weight more than 5x
    times unless they have been doing it for quite some time. I am 195 lbs can
    do chin ups of around 10 x, push ups 25 x,and 350 sit ups but I can bench
    210 lbs at 3 sets of 8, incline of 190 (3 sets of 8) ,decline of 75lb
    barbells on a good day (3 sets of 8) on a bad day 60 lbs(3 sets of 15). 550
    lbs of leg press I think you got my point. With different weight exercises
    you will always gain weight and get stronger faster than doing body weight
    training exercises. However body weight training will no doubt get you more
    lean at least with me it did. So is body weight training the same as
    lifting weights? Absolutely not, you will get different results.If you
    disagree answer this then, why is it foot ball players, MMA fighters in the
    UFC, Wrestlers,among a few others add weight lifting to part of their
    training if body weight training is the same as lifting weights? The answer
    is because they are completely different. Ever seen a gymnist with the same
    kind of physic as a body builder ? I haven’t but you can still tell they
    are strong.Most athletes do at least some body training but still feel they
    need to add weightlifting to their training. I saw a gymnast who was
    obviously stronger than me in doing body training but then when I saw him
    again at my gym I noticed I could lift more weights than him, he rarely
    works out with weights he said , because he still needs to keep his
    flexibility and this was when I was new to weightlifting.

  14. There are trainers who know nothing about what they talk about and there
    are guys like Mr Cavaliere where everything is explained clearly and
    simply. Definitely subscribed to your channel Sir. I training using
    bodyweight and heavyweight, it’s been a blast seeing my body change.

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